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LabWindows/CVI Function Panel example projects

These are very old projects. No support provided. Please consult included ReadMe files for assistance.

  • Batch Builder for LabWindows/CVI Projects (8KB)
    Description: Automates building of several LabWindows/CVI projects at once. Capable of searching subdirectories for LabWindows/CVI projects.
  • INI File Function Panel (43KB)
    Description: LabWindows/CVI FP that provides utility functions for handling Windows INI files. Provides more Windows integrated capabilities than the INI FP provided with LabWindows/CVI.
  • SNMP Function Panel (261KB)
    Description: LabWindows/CVI FP that provides SNMP Get, Set, and Trap handling using Microsoft’s built-in SNMP services and MIB files. Important Note: For numeric OIDs, try adding a leading dot. For example, use . and not
  • Telnet Function Panel (38KB)
    Description: LabWindows/CVI FP that allows programmatic control of telnet sessions.
  • Ping with raw sockets (7KB)
    Description: Microsoft sample code modified to work with LabWindows/CVI. Also contains fixes for memory leaks and other bugs found in the original Microsoft code.