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Capture Ninjafirewall log file events to trigger actions.

In this article, we create shutdown function in a Must-Use Plugin for WordPress that looks for new security events in the NinjaFirewall log file, then allows you to take any action you wish on those events.

How to improve WordPress user registration validation

Surprisingly little validation is done by WordPress on a new user account registration. This article provides several ideas to help you improve to this validation process. Hopefully this will reduce the number of junk registrations on your WordPress site.

Fix ModSecurity false positives on __cf_bm CloudFlare cookie

If your web site uses both ModSecurity and CloudFlare, and visitors to your web site are blocked intermittently, then the problem could be a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) protection rule in ModSecurity. This article will show you how to fix the problem.

jQuery.submit() form data not submitted.

You can use jQuery to validate form input data before form submission. Disabling the form inputs during validation and submission seems like a good way to prevent changes to form inputs by the user before the form is processed. But subtle problems can happen if you use the disabled attribute to do this.