jQuery.submit() form data not submitted.

You can use jQuery to validate form input data before form submission. Disabling the form inputs during validation and submission seems like a good way to prevent changes to form inputs by the user before the form is processed. But subtle problems can happen if you use the disabled attribute to do this.

Fix Elementor’s “Exit to Dashboard” button

This article will show you how to fix the behavior of the “Exit to Dashboard” button with just a few lines of code. Additional code examples will show you how to redirect the button to a list of posts, instead of the dashboard.

How to honor Do-Not-Track and Global Privacy Control requests

Google documents methods to opt-out a user from Google Analytics and tracking on your web site. However, they do not show you how implement this only for users that have the Do-Not-Track or Global Privacy Control settings enabled in their web browser. This article will provide two examples that perform user opt-out on Google Analytics. The techniques shown here could be applied to other analytics and tracking code as well.