How to fix USB plug-n-play problems.

Sometimes plug-n-play USB devices that used to work perfectly on Windows stop being recognized or start behaving strangely. This could be caused by “ghosted” devices in the Windows Device Manager. Deleting all ghosted devices in the Windows Device Manager can sometimes correct these problems. Follow instructions in the Microsoft support article to reveal all ghosted devices, then delete each of them. Next time you plug one of those ghosted device in, Windows will make a fresh start in the process of detecting the device, possibly correcting the problem.

Link: Device Manager does not display devices that are not connected.


Procedural Texture Programming for Imagine 3D

This tutorial will get the reader creating procedural textures for Imagine 3D without doing any Windows programming. Then a more in depth look is given into how to use and modify Property Pages. Details are also given on the location and function of important code within the sample texture provided by Imagine 3D. The tutorial assumes that the reader is familiar with Windows and has some knowledge of C and C++ programming.